Culprate – Finger (ft. Linguistics) (5 Star EP) [HD]

Culprate - Finger (ft. Linguistics) (5 Star EP) [HD]

Fresh off of the “5 Star EP” released December 24th, 2011 on Inspected Records. Purchase the “5 Star EP” on Beatport: • KEEP IN TOUCH • Facebook: Twitter: Tumblr:

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15 Responses to Culprate – Finger (ft. Linguistics) (5 Star EP) [HD]

  1. DubstepDose says:

    Preferred this to the VIP tbh

  2. elixer6x6x6 says:

    finger by culprate? what kind of question is that?

  3. ScheisseBinIchGut says:

    Ich hoffe das mit den 401 Sekunden ist ein Scherz 😀

  4. hobbyarschbumser says:

    401 Sekunden besser als Haftbefehl.

  5. KAOSxxLV says:


  6. pvpmaniac2142 says:

    Who is the beggining song 0 to 40 seconds into the song from and what is it called?

  7. lna528 says:

    OMFG Culprate ft. KOAN sound, or KOAN Sound ft. Culprate, or KOAN Sound & Culprate Yes……..

  8. Salihdeventer says:

    Yes, Its like I heard it before.. CULPRATE = awesome

  9. N3k00o says:

    Where is the melody in the beginning from? Or is that from the song? It sounds so fuckin epic 😀

  10. monobrowish says:

    my point exactly

  11. Amit Oknin says:

    This is Really cool And Good Track Man .

  12. monobrowish says:

    i see u didn’t get it, but it’s cool 😀

  13. Amit Oknin says:

    Nothing Horrible In This Track , Everythink Just the Same !

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