Cure Sugar Cravings with the Sugar Addiction Solution

Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) November 08, 2012

People who crave sugar now can cure their sugar addictions. The Sugar Addiction Solution is a fourteen-day program that comes with a money back guarantee. The Sugar Addiction Solution is also available for a free trail to members of the media. Press agents, journalists, and broadcasters simply need to submit a story request to Samantha Taylor (founder) and they will be provided immediate access to tips on curing sugar cravings. Members of the public can receive a ten-dollar discount on the sugar addiction program by signing up with the keyword today at

The Huffington Post, CNN, and even Oprah have covered sugar addiction. Sugar cravings are a real thing that people can become dependent on. The Sugar Addiction Solution is guaranteed to work within a fourteen-day time period, said Samantha Taylor. My stop sugar cravings solution was developed after I kicked a thirty year battle with sugar. I know firsthand how to help people stop craving sugary drinks and sugar-filled foods. I can help anyone reclaim their health!

The Sugar Addiction Solution offers easy-to-follow steps and immediate access to stopping sugar cravings. Mood swings, depression, lack of sleep or too much sleep are all signs of sugar addition. Plus, the Sugar Addition Solution program comes with a sugar-free diploma. The program sells for $ 37 dollars (or $ 27 dollars with the today discount) and is accessible at The program comes with 3 Sugar Addiction Solution Videos, the Sugar Addiction Solution Manuscript, a Morning Meditation Audio, a 14 Day Tracking your Success Calendar, a 14 Day Delicious Menu Plan with a Shopping List and Recipes ,and a 14 Day Journal, a Rescue Video

Samantha helped me realize that it was my sugar addiction that was taking from my concentration and my ability to just do the most basic responsibilities. I feel great on your program and this has been much easier than I thought it would be! I even walked right past a bag of chocolate chip cookies with m&ms in the lunchroom yesterday and they didnt even talk to me! It was a wonderful feeling. Samantha, thank you for being willing to share your vulnerabilities with us. It makes us realize that it is truly an addiction. Viki C.

Samantha Taylor became a Sugar Addiction Specialist after conquering her thirty-year battle with sugar cravings. She specializes in helping others break their addiction cycle in a matter of fourteen days.More information can be obtained by clicking here:

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