Custom Nazi Zombies Maps: BUNKER w/ Kootra Ep.27 – BODIES PILE UP

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19 Responses to Custom Nazi Zombies Maps: BUNKER w/ Kootra Ep.27 – BODIES PILE UP

  1. kcsmoothy says:

    UberHaxNova has died he isint that good anymore

  2. John Andrews says:

    Sorry, and if you do, don’t complain

  3. John Andrews says:

    Whoever posted that 6:66 comment is just getting torn the fuck apart by everyone. Just goes to show, don’t post dumbass shit on YouTube and if you don’t complain that people are completely tearing you apart because its your fault.

  4. MistahPoopy says:

    Yall mofukrs need ta CHILL

  5. cupcakeinmyass says:

    shut up i know my guns ask google


    I literally think this man is retarded. 1st there is no 6:66, 2nd if i were to look at this at at 11:30 at night the next day at 6:59 A.M.(closest to 6:66) I would still have time to to post it. Officially the dumbest man on earth.

  7. ExistenceProduction says:

    03:25 Now I have that image stuck in my head forever…

  8. PhrozenFox says:


  9. SuperLordGaming says:

    Ah it’s alright.

  10. chloebelleee says:

    lol alrighty c: sorry that last message made no sense whatsoever

  11. SuperLordGaming says:

    Actually I won’t need that, I finally got better internet 😀

  12. Bryce buyt says:

    Hey Nova you should play Quizz V2!! Its an amazing map!

  13. TheMandoJedi says:

    Yes stupid!!!

  14. Wallace Thompson says:

    People still play nazi zombies?

  15. TheRoflBigMac says:

    guy`s dont be so hard on him it might be a typo

  16. TheRoflBigMac says:


  17. romepower101 says:

    the devil bends time for your death.

  18. sharkbait21221 says:

    how old is this little girl?

  19. jack lawer says:

    she wont bother me i took her right arm and ill take her other if she doesn’t LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE

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