Custom Nazi Zombies Maps: MUSTY w/ Kootra Ep.22 – MANY POINTS

Custom Nazi Zombies Maps: MUSTY w/ Kootra Ep.22 - MANY POINTS

Remember to leave some LIKES :) We’ve done plenty of Zombies over the course of time but this time we return to do some custom maps. ZOMBIES YAY 😀 Kootra: Facebook: Follow Mah Twitter: Shirts:

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13 Responses to Custom Nazi Zombies Maps: MUSTY w/ Kootra Ep.22 – MANY POINTS

  1. GuillinCorp says:

    Oh.. i’m stupid

  2. zombie1011112 says:

    look at the buttom you se somthing red it tells you how many zombies are left

  3. bleachkon5 says:

    Dan saw what exactly in the basement? .__.

  4. vito523k29 says:

    HEEEEEELP ME . how many hits juggernog stand ? i’ve always played black ops but now i’m playin nazi zombies, on black ops were several hits to die, but i’m nazi i’m dying with 2,3 hits WHAAAAAT ?

  5. 1234567890m says:

    Nah i seen some pink shit thought

  6. YamiBeansVG says:

    Nice to know you’ve tasted your own penis. See any green shit on it lately, son?

  7. Kyle Phillips says:

    Somebody explain this whole ‘bit/fewi[ohgja’ bullshit please, i can’t be arsed to click it.

  8. MrTwurtlez says:

    Guys just to tell you when you get the bomb it gives you 400 points

  9. TheReconDog says:

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  10. Herobrinesssssssssss says:

    So I guess the creator must or might live or be in Canada

  11. sideswipe31 says:

    Lol Nova toonies are 2 dollar coins in Canada.

  12. MrUberpwnasaurus says:

    Yes but that is the color of all (I think) the US bills,so I didn’t list it,and the green bill is 20 dollars and personally I don’t have 20 dollar bills in my wallet most of the time.

  13. 1234567890m says:

    Just like my Dick

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