Custom Zombies – Map #8 Bunker – An Extremely RED Map (Part 1)

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16 Responses to Custom Zombies – Map #8 Bunker – An Extremely RED Map (Part 1)

  1. legomastermarshall says:

    how does this get a friggen top comment!!

  2. legomastermarshall says:

    free ha go die in a hole, i wouldent even take a ps3 even if they PAID me

  3. subzerosnipez says:

    WOW a free PS3, holy crap, that’s bullshit.

  4. DeathB4DefeatClan says:

    I swear I hear Jackie chan every here and there

  5. MrMutant1122 says:

    not really everything is better on pc thats a fact

  6. MoneydudMinecraft says:

    nope ps3 and xbox are almost as good as PC, MAC, or LUNIX

  7. pochi negron says:

    turned on

  8. MrMutant1122 says:

    wel no shit dude its a MOD! not a game dumb ass

  9. ChA0tIcReDnEck says:

    i seen the site its not call of duty its a site zombie modded

  10. MrMutant1122 says:

    it does have legal claim this literally cod no joke just added a mod since its not in the game doesn’t make a rip off its something you can add into the game

  11. ChA0tIcReDnEck says:

    just like they own the name for nazi zombies

  12. ChA0tIcReDnEck says:

    if it was for CoD It Would Have the trade mark and legal claim

  13. ChA0tIcReDnEck says:

    and they own the map so treyarch can take down this map

  14. ChA0tIcReDnEck says:

    why don’t you get off youtube and learn some actual words unlike butthurt that some crack head made up

  15. HippeSage says:

    Also, Even if it was an issue with Treyarch, what do you have to do with it? How does it affect you? Do you work for Treyarch? Are these peoples maps causing you any monetary or proprietary losses? It’s very likely that these maps have NOTHING to do with YOU or affect you in ANY real way so stop being butthurt.

  16. HippeSage says:

    I have seen it, but it’s just a title for the map. Neither Activision nor Treyarch own the rights to the word standoff. Plus the name makes sense for the custom map, its a stand off in a small house between the player and the zombies. You can believe its a rip off if you wish, but there have been custom zombies map creators that have been hired by Treyarch because of their custom zombies maps. If Treyarch doesn’t have a problem with it then why should anyone else?

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