Custom Zombies – Nazi Zombie Kastle – Weird Ass M16 (Part 1)

Nazi Zombie custom map “Kastle” is an awesome map that features a few very epic custom skins, camos and even guns! Only issue the lighting is very poor in my opinion and there are a few bugs with the perk machine and pack-a-punch. SUBSCRIBE CUSTOM ZOMBIES SHOW HERE: SUBSCRIBE TO BLACK OPS 2 SHOW HERE: ★ FOLLOW ME FOR UPDATES PLEASE ★ TWITTER: BLACK OPS 2: FACEBOOK: BLACK OPS 2 FB FORUM: BLACK OPS 2 ZOMBIES: Download this map here: Niik’s Channel: Star’s Channel: This video shows you how to: Kill thousands of zombies in Kastle Beat the map Kastle Nazi Zombie Kastle Get World At War for PC + Custom Zombie Modded Maps ZombieModding ————————————————————— Black Ops 2 – Official Zombies Trailer Footage Black Ops 2- Zombies Pack-A-Punch Black Ops 2 – Confirmed Perks in Multiplayer Black Ops 2- Confirmed Weapons in Multiplayer Tags: kastle castle double PAP pap packapunch m16 camo custom drops beta test beat how to buyable ending wing3d ugx bar2.0 waw zombie map napalm zombies electric bosses beating part on you tube impressions call of duty cod world wart PC nazi
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 Responses to Custom Zombies – Nazi Zombie Kastle – Weird Ass M16 (Part 1)

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  4. AislenotBEton says:

    Zombies are so very popular right now. I can’t help but wonder why that is. As a surviver of over 5 previous Zombie Apocalypses, I can assure you that they have very little to reccomend them on a personal basis. And yet they have really captured the popular imagination.

  5. koden120 says:

    What and who the fuck spells castle with a fucking K

  6. spirittemple19 says:

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  7. lieutenant Jenkins says:

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  9. spirittemple19 says:

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  10. JoshXJames4523 says:

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  11. jacob meza says:

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  14. THEeliteAUG says:

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  15. DoctorDeath969 says:

    you idiot, he thought there would be, and why would MC want to have a crudy dude like you as a sub

  16. TehGlyff says:

    He didn’t lie, how about you try listening and stop being so fickle.

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