Cylon Apartment – Episode Three

Cylon Apartment – Episode Three

Image by Capt. Tim
Continuing his antics from the previous day, a mischievous Cylon continues to pull practical jokes. This will teach his roommate not to wear a shirt!

Showering Cylon says "You don’t wear shirts in the shower fucktard!"

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6 Responses to Cylon Apartment – Episode Three

  1. Yve Fontilea says:

    Seriously, Tim, these Cylon shots are CRACKING ME UP OMG — Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  2. Capt. Tim says:

    Thanks! I filled a notepad with ideas while riding on BART this morning. There will be plenty more coming. But i need props for some.

  3. Mad_T says:

    it’s "frecktard"

  4. Al Bar says:

    Hahaha … cylons are such jerks.

  5. ghostbore says:


  6. RTD Photography says:

    The jokes on you asshole, go ahead, push it, and see where he sticks his fist!

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