Cylon Apartment – Episode Two

Cylon Apartment – Episode Two

Image by Capt. Tim
One of the Cylons falls asleep on the couch. Feather? Check. Whipped Cream? Check. Sleepy Cylon is in for a surprise.

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4 Responses to Cylon Apartment – Episode Two

  1. ♥ Sharon's art ♥ says:

    Beautiful!!! 😀

  2. billyjana80 says:

    Great comedy and beautiful color

  3. Jessi *AfterImage* says:

    I’m glad I could give you some ideas. Cloning is fun, I did a cloning project for my BFA show when I graduated, thats why I have so many of them on here. I just started doing them again recently.

  4. lisie :] says:

    this is hilarious. i love it.

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