Daily Grommet Partners with MIT Media Lab Students to launch Kickstarted Project, MaKey MaKey

Lexington, MA (PRWEB) December 03, 2012

Daily Grommet, a product launch platform and online shopping site for innovative and undiscovered products has partnered with two MIT Media Lab students to launch MaKey MaKey, a technology kit that turns inanimate objects into keyboard controls, creating an invention kit for the 21st century and a great gift for the geek in your life. The MaKey MaKey invention kit gives digital life to inanimate objects — food, plants, coins, lead, toys, cutlery, and more. With the kit, you can transform any object that can conduct electricity into a touch interface or computer keyboard controller. The inventors are Jay Silver and Eric Rosenbaum, who are final-year PhD students at the famed MIT Media Lab. Jay and Eric believe that everyone is inventive and imaginative, and theyve dedicated themselves to making user-friendly kits that fuel the worlds creativity.

Daily Grommet is considered a leader in launching unique, innovative products which are found through sharing and discovering, known as Citizen Commerce. Along the same vein as Citizen Commerce, MaKey MaKey is inspired by the Maker Movement. They believe everyone should be a creator and those imaginative, exploratory skills should extend beyond the kindergarten classroom, thus MaKey MaKey was born. These parallel visions made for an ideal partnership with Daily Grommet who will pick-up where Kickstarter left off by giving the product a voice and amplifying its story to a relevant audience. Theres no need to be a computer geek, MaKey MaKey satisfies anyone with an imagination and the desire to create.

About Daily Grommet

Daily Grommet is a highly curated online,marketplace and launch platform for products of great utility, style or invention that havent hit the big-time yet. Daily Grommet seeks out these unique products, carefully tests them, and produces a video review of each one telling the story behind its creation. Daily Grommet is rooted in the philosophy of Citizen Commerce whereby regular people form the commerce experience by suggesting products that reflect their values and interests. Citizen Commerce turns the typical top down retailer approach sideways, encourages global product innovation from small producers, and satisfies the consumers need to know the stories behind and origins of favorite products. For more information, visit

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