Dan Dennett: The illusion of consciousness

http://www.ted.com Philosopher Dan Dennett makes a compelling argument that not only don’t we understand our own consciousness, but that half the time our br…

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18 Responses to Dan Dennett: The illusion of consciousness

  1. kaddiharrow says:

    this had nothing to do with consciousness

  2. BRIERFOX says:

    omg…anyone could have purchased a book on optical illusions, talked about it, and then showed some power point. This guy is probably highly cerebral, but it did not come through with TED. A disappointing fail.

  3. iaretehcute says:

    LOL @ the audio

  4. maxiboy666 says:

    Whether or not you believe that consciousness or that the mind is separate from the physical body, it is ONLY a belief system. However, people who have actually had an out of body experience during surgery and described objects or circumstances occurring while under anesthetic which have been confirmed by hospital staff, moves this argument closer to the prior stance and unless orthadox science can PROVE otherwise, then flimsy explanations of what this phenomena is just won’t wash.

  5. mar leo says:

    Another ridiculous presentation by Dennet. The misleading art and graphics were intended by their designers to throw off the viewers so they cannot and do not represent what happens in real life regarding consciousness. How do you think the designers of the graphics knew people would get confused ? Because the designers themselves knew that would confuse their own selves as well. So this presentation was totally worthless in proving any real point.

  6. bobolito says:


  7. Tanner Bills says:

    Straight the fuck up. I have a really nice sound system in here and I can’t have it up practically at all for the intro or else the whole condominium complex is shaking and my ears are about to fucking explode. 

  8. TheRationalityPolice says:

    People are so stubborn to deny consciousness. Give it a chance. You’re chasing a pink fluffy dragon.

  9. TheRationalityPolice says:

    Consciousness does exist but our common sense view of it is illusory. I don’t even think it has any meaningful substance to it at all. It’s just perceptions.

  10. mtz028 says:

    Did I miss something or did he not address consciousness at all? What do random optical illusions have to do with anything? 

  11. Ronnie Lance Ricard says:

    Turn down the intro music.

  12. quagmire444 says:

    where was the part where he talked about consciousness being an illusion? perhaps the title is misleading, because it sounds like he was just talking about how our brains can fool us, which i interpreted as just being the limits of our human capacity, not so much fooling us. I mean on the first example, of the squares changing color, i know i wouldnt be able to notice that fully, because my memory isnt that good. the same thing goes to my ability to recognize detail on the last example.

  13. BushyBrows301 says:

    You can explain illusions. Your post seems to convey otherwise, I think this is where you are mistaken. He is also not saying there is no consciousness.

  14. Jesse Wallace says:

    If consciousness is an illusion , then how can Dennet explain what it is, or isn’t? Its not there, so what is he talking about? It can’t be consciousness, because there is no such thing according to him. So this illusion he is talking about isn’t consciousness.

  15. himynameisbaloghdani says:

    and what else would you suggest, besides the “material”? Some soul perhaps that is independent of the body? yeah… the problem with that is that it is unfalsifiable, while being provably silly. I do not know why Searle claims “hopelessly inadequate” but it is hopelessly silly on his part to do so..

  16. himynameisbaloghdani says:

    I took a dump in my pants at the outro… fucking ted…

  17. himynameisbaloghdani says:

    if that seems ridiculous to you, then you’re gonna go away crying when I tell you neither does free will….

  18. Zorriet says:

    why is it ridiculous?

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