Danball Senki W – VS Hydra Ranking Battle 40 ★Lets Play PSP

Ranking Battle 40 Boss Battle Hydra.This game is Awesome! Once again.Sniper is Overpower and an Effective tools against Any boss Battle Danball Senki W is the second installment of the Danball Senki storyline, a sequel to the game Danball Senki (PSP) Official Website: www.danball-senki.jp The year 2051, one year after the final battle against the Innovators. Peace has returned thanks to the world’s newest hobby, the Little Battle Experience (LBX for short). Ban Yamano, is now a popular LBX Champion across the globe amongst the LBX battle population. But the peace doesn’t last long as a new terrorist organization called the Detector threatens the world by brainjacking LBXs. With his LBX Odin destroyed and Ami and Kazuya mysteriously abducted, Ban joins up with the karate-girl, Ran Hanasaki and the arcade-otaku, Hiro Oozora to fight against this new threat. Following the battle towards N-City, they meet up with Jessica Kaios, Jin Kaidou and a fully recuperated Yuuya Haibara. As the battle against the Detector continues, a new hidden evil comes to light after discovering the true nature of the Detector’s terrorist acts. And what hidden potential lies within the newcomer Hiro. ダンボール戦機W Danball Senki W Danball Senki Double
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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3 Responses to Danball Senki W – VS Hydra Ranking Battle 40 ★Lets Play PSP

  1. hisae katsuta says:

    DeviantPSYCHOpatch please make a video for chapter 11 the new DLC story please!

  2. rubenzzituh says:

    hi, can i ask you a favor? could you put your save file to download pls? my got broken and i dont want to pass all game again!

  3. galaxyga7 says:

    this video are so cool

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