Dancing Japanese Robots

They dance like real People! *Disclaimer I do not own this video. I found this video about five years ago on a random website and decided to post it here on youtube. But to share some info, these robots were made by Sony in Japan and these robots were showcased as samples of their latest robot technology )at the time) I hope you do enjoy this video!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Dancing Japanese Robots

  1. mysteries0Rlies says:

    hahaha so cute!!!! watched halfway, almost confused dancing robots with humans . haha they all act like human dancing but in a slow motion.

  2. TykeLad101 says:


  3. JapologyChannel says:

    Catch these Robots at… Japology. Com

  4. animekittyhikari says:

    Thank you science, this is more fun than curing cancer :)

  5. Ricky Erick says:

    We Must Protect JOHN CONNOR !!!

  6. Punkeosa says:

    First they dance… then they kill us :oo

  7. IGrimReaperI says:

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords

  8. animaniac126 says:

    their movements are so in sync with each other, it’s almost robotic..

  9. 2989briant says:

    Time for me to go get john Conner ready for battle se ya in 2012 u robot bastards..

  10. Firegirl6464Pro says:

    fuck it, i’m moving to japan…

  11. masho freeb says:

    OMG sooooooooooo awsomeeeeeee

  12. steelcitysounds says:

    htn jkugf 

  13. MrWESMAN22 says:

    Reminds of starwars for some reason xD

  14. randomeneseses says:

    we do the robot they do the human

  15. Hanhkhuc1 says:

    Wow !!!! I want one, just 1 lol

  16. snowpez says:

    why did rosario dawson bring you here i don’t get it

  17. sector9nigger says:

    Why would anyone dislike this?

  18. MrAnimeFreak11 says:

    Awesome,Japan has it all

  19. superefireballx says:

    Wow very well made nd programed robots….hats off  to the makers hats off

  20. dfghj241 says:

    imagine when this robots are EXACTLY LIKE US!!!! ohh yea its going to be a hell of a epic dance…

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