Dangerous SMO: Social Media Optimization Tutorial + Marketing Checklist: ADVANCED VERSION

see sparkah.com to contact us about how to get to you do target marketing to your customer via Facebook, Twitter, Paperli, Pinterest, Quora, and even Reddit or Digg. This video is the comprehensive checklist for marketing and building your media base on Social Media or SNS Sites.
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19 Responses to Dangerous SMO: Social Media Optimization Tutorial + Marketing Checklist: ADVANCED VERSION

  1. jeffswan18 says:

    Great read into Facebook marketing – I find it truly surprising how many businesses are sold on it for business when very few companies actually gain tangible benefit from it. That said, companies that market based on visual and emotional cues really should see some form of ROI from time/budget spent if they are smart about their Facebook marketing!

  2. picachona51 says:

    Hello u subscribed to me well you can reach me at s.eliz.morales@gmail.com

  3. Shahar Boyayan says:

    Anyone can start Facebook pages, Twitter accounts etc, but to make them work and bring back prospects, sales, awareness, branding, it takes a bit more.

  4. eCommerceGuerrilla says:

    Facebook is effective IF you have a company that people want to use when they are just hanging out… like entertainment, gadgets … etc.

  5. Chris Silvey says:

    I never could wrap my head around Facebook to make practical use of it for Internet Marketing. However what is confusing me now is your data on FB and Pat Flynss success with it. BTW do you have this in Text format. It could serve as a guide/ hit list. I suffer from short term memory loss.

  6. eCommerceGuerrilla says:

    Thanks Ralf!

  7. Ralf Lippold says:

    Excellent advice Bob! Thanks a lot! #SMO #Twitter

  8. viralmarketingexpert says:

    3:56 Facebook Marketing Stats and Why FB Sucks

  9. plmkasap says:

    Can I get back to you on this as we are trying to develop and launch a Kickstarter campaign shortly. We are a 2 person team on a shoestring budget and I am expected to promote it to success. :-)

  10. Bob Kim says:

    Mostly India companies like your page to do research on it and at some point, spam you. You cant post to a facebook page unless you first LIKE it.

  11. Garrett Smith says:

    Good info

  12. emocrem0 says:

    You never got into why you say a large percentage of facebook likes are mostly robots. I mean if you haven’t paid another company to ‘get likes’, then for what reason would robots like your page?

  13. napfourteen says:

    I really liked the breakdown of how sites like FB and twitter are working behind the scenes (the % of real users to robots, how long post stay displayed, etc). Very informative.

  14. journik says:

    you’ll have to remove the spaces …etc.. but it’s there! =)

  15. journik says:

    @PL … yeah…i know… its amazing how a little bit of statistical knowledge can boost your results!

  16. stanovicius says:

    Okey, thanks! But theres nothing but a blank page on the site. However I postet a question on the contact list!

  17. Robert Nanotech Kim says:

    @stan … i have a strategy that will work for you. Let’s talk about it at Daoian dot com / marketing alliance … I’ll explain exactly what you have to do… and HOW to get a projector free.

  18. Robert Nanotech Kim says:

    @john … thanks for your comment! It REALLLY helps fire me up and keep going! Appreciated! Let me know what you’re working on and I’ll help you grow your business.

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