Danish language

From a norwegian TV show called Uti Vår Hage.
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  1. Haha, for god sake don’t start to talk about something that you haven’t got a clue about. “cos of no bridge to scandinavia for thusands of years” I hope you know that travelling by sea was much easier than on land back in those days. “We also label finland as Scandiavian” No we don’t. “Even do the danish are label as Scandinavians cos of the language , they are more germanic people.” Well, danish and norwegian share like 90% of their words, but the accents are very different.

  2. Ii depends upon the study you are refering. There are studies showing norwegianss to be most closly to germans and dutch. Even a study shows that swedes are the closest. “More” germanic ppl? You do know that the germanic homeland IS scandinavia? Not germany. So tired of you ppl who refers to ourtages claims red on various conspiracy pages on the net. What if you open a god damn history book instead?

  3. Denmark is more related to germany , and the jews, cos of no bridge to scandinavia for thusands of years. Its pretty much differnet gentics. Even do the danish are label as scandinavs cos of the language , they are more germanic people. We also label finland as Scandiavian which are a mongol turk people in reality including hungary. not indo aryan, But after hundreds of years of intermarriage with sweds more genetics with scandianvians, but many still looks very “asian” wide eyes, big head

  4. Altså, jeg forstår norsk helt fint på skrift. Svensk er lidt sværere. Men jeg er ved at komme efter det på det seneste. Bornholm? Hehe, hvad med sønderjysk i dets oprindelige form, forstår du det sprog?

  5. True. As long as we talk somewhat slowly we understand eachother perfectly. So it’s pretty bullshit – but the newspaper claiming such things are kind of retarded anyway. Still pretty funny video 😛

  6. Then pick one. Regardless of what scandinavian language you will be understood and understand other scandinavians. If anybody tells you something different, well they would be retarded. Its like an englishman who dont understand scotish or irish.

  7. Are you seriously? Jew/german ppl…what are jew german ppl? And danish belongs to the nordic branch. As a Norwegian i do take offence by your comment. Calling danish language for shit is just childish and pathetic.

  8. Seriously? Do you need subtitles? I understand danish and swedish just as well as my own tongue, norwegian. Even better than some norwegian dialects. I do have a problem with bornholm though.

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