Dark Souls Exclusive Review

IGN gives its exclusive video review on the new game Dark Souls. From Software brings us another punishing role playing game in their Souls series. IGN’s YouTube is just a taste of our content! Check out our other game channels: IGN Home – www.ign.com Call of Duty – http Zelda – youtube.com Battlefield – youtube.com Halo – youtube.com Street Fighter – youtube.com And more!

15 Replies to “Dark Souls Exclusive Review”

  1. Oh, I love you can comment: “This game looks like a total ripoff from Skyrim” in these types of videos and get plenty of angry responses from immature people who can’t recognize a troll or just simply can’t ignore something, but thanks people you make me laugh at how easily I can make people upset.

  2. ive only died twice..once by this zombie with a shield and a sword bcause i was trying to figure out how hit Lb+b with my keyboard! 2nd i was killed by the assylum demon because i couldnt doge his attacks because you know it says something like hit rb+A which i didnt have on my keyboard! then i stopped playing and now im trying to return the game which i bought online!! if i cant do that im gonna have to buy a stupidly expensive xbox controller that im not gonna use when im done with this game!

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