DARPA Building Real Life Terminators Military Robots

Since soldiers are becoming more alert everyday the robot replacement is just around the corner.

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16 Responses to DARPA Building Real Life Terminators Military Robots

  1. Alessandro Polacci says:

    jesus fucking christ!! that’s how all began! i mean…the METAL GEAR o_o

  2. TheTbrandon says:

    Nice “creepy” music you got there. -rolls eyes-

  3. gargoyle1701 says:

    CREEPY !!!!

  4. Patriol666 says:

    send it on mars, not in war!

  5. L2design says:


  6. Jakob Lichtenfeld says:

    uuaahh gruselig

  7. Tejursuy Ctar says:

    2:19 the parkour-bot

  8. DAMMSE420 says:

    Insane a few years more and real Terminators will born ^^ / When evrybody can see this shit on y tube the real military is way better epuipped

  9. Paulpro PP says:

    check it out! DARPA even has a Robo Pleco,not even the waters are safe!

  10. walterbrunswick says:

    Sounds like you’re somewhat of a traitor yourself. Have you been living under a rock lately? Haven’t you heard of such bills as The Patriot Act, NDAA (Section 1021) (removes due process and allows the president to indefinitely detain or assassinate American citizens without trial on mere suspicion), H.R. 347, CISPA, FISA… Time to wake up, you SleepyQuack.

  11. skate160398 says:

    Seremos replasado por los robots

  12. Legitbagel2552 says:

    @YorianSevenfold yea I know right! The music made it even creepier

  13. SleepyQuake says:

    The constitution is an OK document that needs a lot of revising. I would have to ask what the purpose of the nullification was before I would be able to answer this question.

  14. DopeTriikz says:

    Future call of duty’s are going to have a hard time making these “killstreaks”

  15. DopeTriikz says:

    Dogs might get pissed when they see this!!! 😉

  16. Karen Pittson says:

    but still really impressive

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