Dataium Announces New Leadership Team

Nashville, Tennessee (PRWEB) October 09, 2013

Dataium, the largest aggregator of in-market automotive shopper behavior, is pleased to announce new leadership for the company with the addition of Angie Sherrell and Peter Fontaine.

Sherrell has been named Managing Director of Revenue and Client Development, while Fontaine has been appointed Managing Director of Finance and Operations for the company. Sherrell and Fontaine contribute their dynamic leadership experience to Dataium, and are working closely with co-founders Eric Brown and Jason Ezell to support the companys tremendous growth goals over the coming years.

Sherrells background includes all facets of automotive marketing, where she has spent the last 30 years of her career. She previously developed Dataiums Media Services Group, which focused on the creation of new services to support the company’s advertising and marketing client base. Prior to joining Dataium, she served as President of GS Marketing in Houston, TX, where she specialized in direct marketing, digital marketing strategy, and the optimization of business processes.

Fontaines talent lies in creating efficiency in professional service environments. For over 20 years, he has been responsible for business strategy development, change management and process improvement within multi-million dollar corporations. His extensive expertise and international experience will aid the company in its continuous improvement and effective execution of award-winning solutions.

Co-founders Eric Brown and Jason Ezell will now have the ability to focus exclusively on client relations and market strategy. This expanded leadership team will drive the companys goals of rapid growth, tight collaboration with clients, and the development of innovative solutions for the entire automotive industry.

Peter and I are excited to continue building on Dataiums strong foundation, said Sherrell. She added Dataium is doing some amazing things, and we have an incredibly talented and capable team ready to shape the future of the industry.

As Dataium continues on its trajectory of exceptional growth within the automotive industry, leadership expansion is essential. This expanded leadership team will help us accelerate our operations and provide the best possible service to our clients, commented Dataium Co-founder Eric Brown.

Angie and Peter bring their talent and experience to vital roles within the organization. They provide the perfect balance to mine and Erics expertise, and we have no doubt that their involvement will drive our growth and continued success, added Jason Ezell, Dataium President.

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Dataium is the largest aggregator of online in-market automotive shopping activity. With its Cloud Intelligence

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