Dave Dameshek and Staff Sergeant Robert Patrick Lewis | The Adam Carolla Show | VPN

Dave Dameshek is back from the Super Bowl and upset about his shower. Adam spoils the plot of Fast and Furious 6 and Staff Sergeant Robert Patrick Lewis promotes his book “Love Me When I’m Gone: The True Story of Life, Love, and Loss for a Green Beret in post 9/11 War”. SUBSCRIBE to Video Podcast Network: full.sc Connect with Video Podcast Network Online: Visit The VPN Website: full.sc Follow Video Podcast Network on Twitter: full.sc Like Video Podcast Network on Facebook: full.sc Check Out Friends of Video Podcast Network: Jash: full.sc Adam Carolla: full.sc Earwolf: full.sc Big 3 Live: full.sc About Video Podcast Network: Video Podcast Network is a next generation collective of the best comedy podcasts around; broadcasting live weekly. VIDEO PODCAST NETWORK (or VPN) will feature exclusive and fully produced visual podcasts from all of the most popular comedy podcasters, including Adam Carolla, The Big Three, and the Earwolf Network (Comedy Bang Bang w/ Scott Auckerman, How Did This Get Made? w/ Paul Scheer and more). Produced by VPN creator and Emmy nominated producer Daniel Kellison (Late Night/Late Show with David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel Live). Dave Dameshek and Staff Sergeant Robert Patrick Lewis | The Adam Carolla Show | VPN www.youtube.com

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13 Responses to Dave Dameshek and Staff Sergeant Robert Patrick Lewis | The Adam Carolla Show | VPN

  1. xPulse582 says:

    The voice guy’s appearance to voice match BLEW MY MIND. I imagined someone totally different

  2. Desterado says:

    The correct response is she’s not THAT fat. Whatever, she’s still more attractive than most women I know.

  3. skateride says:

    dave looks like a cool dude but his voice makes you think hes a nerd

  4. 00ABBITT00 says:

    i know it’s available as a ring tone

  5. Tyler Dykens says:


  6. irritatetheidiot says:

    anyone know where to find that funny song that adam made making fun of pop songs today how they all sound the same? It was like “you want it boy, but you cant have this boy”.

  7. akraxial says:

    Did anyone else picture somebody completely different for the way Dave Dameshek’s voice sounds?

  8. Me36999 says:

    dave is hilarious. brian is an underrated talent. Adam created a fantastic team and great guests.

  9. bsm6776 says:

    she’s got a big nose

  10. bsm6776 says:

    she’s got a big nose

  11. todd mccormick says:

    look guys allison is cute, but shes not a “smoke show”. shes CUTE shes good looking, but lets not go over board.

  12. RelapseGalore55 says:

    Hemorrhoids maybe. 

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