Dave Peck at WWDC: Making VPN Fun and Easy (for a Change)

Dave Peck at WWDC: Making VPN Fun and Easy (for a Change)
If you're not, you get a page with steps number one through twelve: here's how you enter in the IP addresses and whatever else you need to configure your VPN. And it just struck me that there was an opportunity to rethink what the experience of using …
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VPN at no cost : The best free Virtual Private Network clients
What was formerly a technology mostly used by businesses to allow employees to access the company network remotely has turned into a multi-purpose technology. Now VPN means everything from enterprise VPN hardware to on-the-fly software solutions …
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Yes, Astrill VPN is down
From personal, frustrating experience, communications with friends around the country, and this lengthy discussion on Reddit it would seem that Astrill VPN is down for nearly everyone in China at the moment. The company's website is also inaccessible.
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