DC Fawcett Says Complaints from Small Business Owners Might be Their Own Fault: Offers New Solution

Brandon, Florida (PRWEB) March 06, 2013

Fawcett states that problems facing many small business owners root back to their marketing strategies. Hes offering a free webinar for small business owners to grasp the basic principles of marketing.

According to a Wells Fargo survey, many small business owner are feeling pessimistic, largely due to uncertainty in Washington claims the report.

“These owners know that potential federal government spending cuts and tax changes can create a ripple effect, hitting the pocketbooks of consumers and reducing spending that could hit small businesses hard, stated Marc Bernstein, head of Small Business for Wells Fargo.

DC Fawcett commented, There are always problems in Washington that affect small business. I think Washington over steps their bounds often when it comes to regulating small businesses, but thats no reason to blame all your business problems on Washington. There are tons of small businesses thriving right now, and the one thing they all have in common is a profitable marketing plan.

Another poll from Gallup, who worked with Wells Fargo to accumulate the survey data, says that small business outlook on hiring for the coming year is grim, with the index dropping to -11, the lowest its been since July 2010 when the index was -28.

DC Fawcett commented, The Gallup poll is a perfect example of what Im saying. All you hear is the gloom and doom. Here you have a poll saying the index was lower in 2010 than it is now, yet 2010 is when things finally started turning around. Economies are very big things, they take time to get moving again. If a business owner wants to look at reasons he may not be doing so well, he should look at his marketing plan. There are thousands of small businesses thriving in this economy, and it all comes down to smart, effective marketing.

The Aberdeen Group, leading provider of fact-based research says that targeting and personalization should be the driving factors for small business owners in 2013, stating that, what worked last year, may not work this year.

Dc Fawcett added, Many small business complaints are not justified because if you look at their marketing plan, youll see big gaping holes in it. Most local business owners dont even have a way to contact existing clients. Its as simple as an opt-in form on their website, yet many still dont have it. Imagine someone who owns a pizzeria and business is slow. When the business owner has taken the time to properly set up marketing plans right, he or she can send out an email or text message to his customers offering a free topping with every pizza until 8pm for that day. Suddenly the phone is ringing off the hook and they cant take orders fast enough. Ive helped many small business owners take this approach because it works.

DC Fawcett is holding a free webinar teaching basic marketing principles for small business owners who rely on in-store customers. For more information on the webinar, visit: http://www.internetmarketingbasicsblog.com/?p=217

DC Fawcett is Internet Marketing entrepreneur who has been teaching small basic business marketing principles and Internet marketing strategies to small business owners and individuals alike since 2009. For more information visit http://www.internetmarketingbasicsblog.com/?p=217


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