9 Replies to “DC increases transparency with Google Apps”

  1. Well they have to start somewhere when it comes to saving money. I don’t feel like finding all the news articles for you but if you look on Google’s blog and some of their youtube videos, they show how most government agencies save over 55% when they which to cloud computing such as Google Docs. And since the US spends over $75B on IT, cutting the cost by over half sounds like a good starting point to me.

  2. @Proverbs3verse5 They can use Google Maps along with some APIs and a Google Docs spreadsheet and show on the map when different murders take place. I believe LA (or some city is California) already does this.

  3. Practiced in the public square? Umm, at no point did they say anyone other than those employees in those agencies would be able to see the documents. That’s what I don’t get. It’s not transparent to the public, only to these interrelated agencies in DC. The entire world could be on these systems, and the public would not be better off. They still have habits of wasting money on excessive wars. This won’t help you or me, faced with a federal gov’t notorious for wasting money.

  4. Excuse my failure to connect the dots here. The example used regarding fire hydrants is actually explained later in the video (KML). Oh the sorrow I feel for hastily judging my government’s use of my beloved Google. I am sure you two will work it out just fine!

  5. Errr… What happens when Google fails to meet the needs of DC’s public offices? I am perplexed. Is this a joke? Fire departments depending on Google Earth’s update latency to know whether or not a fire hydrant is operational? What?! What happens when some emerging requirement is not efficiently facilitated by Google? What then? <3 hyperventilate.

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