DC New 52 Review – Justice League, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more comics!

DC New 52 Review! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph is joined by guest Kristin Hackett to discuss DC New 52 comics in-depth, including Justice League, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Sword of Sorcery, Batgirl, Talon, Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Suicide Squad, Green Lantern and more! Is the DC New 52 still telling good stories, even with all the cancelations? And how does it stack up to Marvel Now? Share your own thoughts on the DC New 52 comics and enjoy this review of Justice League of America, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and more! Think About The Ink is presented by Bleeding Cool. Visit Kristin’s website: wearpinkwednesdays.com

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23 Responses to DC New 52 Review – Justice League, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more comics!

  1. koradan says:

    I like how Sinestro wears the ring on his LEFT hand.

  2. david baeza says:

    Aquaman is a more serious character now thanks to the new 52

  3. david baeza says:

    I like what they did to Aquaman in the new 52

  4. Lone432345 says:

    I really gets me that the new 52 has failed to get real new readers. Yeah Sure they might have gotten people who were reading Image, Dark Horse, and Marvel or lapse readers. But there not getting any real first time Comic Book Readers. Which was the whole point of the fucking reboot. If they keep this up in the next 30 years the only people reading comics are going to be in there 80’s.

  5. ThisBeRay says:

    what are your thoughts of Red Hood and The Outlaws???

  6. v97c80q1 says:

    Thats the nicest thing anyone has said to be all day long. :)

  7. Spidey2TheMax says:

    Sexist idiot.

  8. xMxXaviNero says:

    Aquaman looks awesome and green arrow as well

  9. charlieoath777 says:

    Serious question, what do you think of the superman earth one books by j. Micheal Stracznski and Shane Davis? I like it honestly what is your opinion of it?

  10. oneeyedgeek says:

    I haven’t read comics in nearly 29 years, but now that there are ecomics and the new 52, I’m going to get back into it at least a little bit. I don’t have a lot of time for reading so I think I will stick to just a few Batman titles for now. Thanks!

  11. v97c80q1 says:

    I have heard enough, back to the kitchen woman.

  12. Malik Hall says:

    I have been reading much new 52 besides the main bat titles and all the green lantern comics, any recommendations?

  13. shiroken84 says:

    I like the fact that Cyborg is part of JL cause is like the super friends the original cartoon

  14. AshyBoneVR4 says:

    My two favorite new 52’s are Teen Titans and Static Shock. Naturally Static was cancelled so now I barely read comics.

  15. TH3GADFLY says:

    Gotta recommend Dial H! Funnest New 52 book out there.

  16. heavenfirefly says:

    I was really hoping to hear both of your opinions on the new 52 Catwoman. I would of liked to hear a fellow females opinions on it, since the new change to a woman writer.

  17. Mattuardo Rodriguez says:

    Holy shit, no way!? I guess I had better go straight to your fake arse, scammer of a site and get my shit ripped off by some arsehole! How can I lose!

  18. TheJimiJJ says:

    and there was no talk of the Flash, that was ind of disappointing

  19. TheJimiJJ says:

    hmmm well maybe this is cuz of my age, but I think Spiderman when I think Bendis… but Scott and Batman are great together.

  20. batfamily574 says:

    you didn’t really mention Nightwing or Red hood and the Outlaws. :( those and batgirl are my three favs but I don’t like what they did with barbara and her brother and I think that would be my only con to the series.

  21. lcdstudios says:

    I think the Graves story arc was much better than the Darkseid one (It was pretty dreadful), and I suppose that was what caused me to keep reading it. 😛 Other titles I enjoy would have to be Animal Man (Rotworld drags on and on, however), GL, New Guardians, Batwoman, Catwoman (Though the last few issues have been meh), and All-Star Western (Which I LOVE). Suicide Squad is the only book I haven’t really liked… It’s okay, but just okay. I’ll still keep an eye on it.

  22. TechnicolorVille says:

    Yeah Justice League Dark is pretty good man. “Swamp Thing” and “Justice League Dark” are pretty much the only two comics I read in the horror genre love them both and I’m not a horror fan. I just hope “Swamp Thing” quickly wraps up the “Rotworld” arc it hasn’t been the greatest. I’m also hoping Abby comes back, I really like her character and the relationship she had with Alec.

  23. Nightengale NoxRose says:

    My absolute favorite New 52 title is Red Hood and the Outlaws! <3 before!

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