Deadpool vs New York Comic-Con 2012

Deadpool goes to New York Comic-Con (New York, NY) Music: Kora3000 – Sugar BUY THE GAME:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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22 Responses to Deadpool vs New York Comic-Con 2012

  1. Jacob Momii says:

    portaljedihaloezio??? im in heaven

  2. BritainVthatsme says:

    4:40 BOOM! That Cameraman just got pregnant!

  3. Regnumanimalia says:

    No….. It was me. derp.

  4. Regnumanimalia says:

    THE DARKNESS!!!!! Clearly that proves I am the real superman, and I also go to your college.

  5. corey3441 says:


  6. MrPolerbear12 says:

    i want to dance with you

  7. zer0ex7AQW says:

    3:34 Deadpool approved

  8. Falcoun1 says:

    At 1:02 she almost hit the guy behind her.

  9. Thecommenter83 says:

    3:00 multiplayer victory dance 😛

  10. darklordsatonicbane says:

    What’s the name of the beat he dropped?

  11. Chuck Finley says:

    i would love to be with him during one of these videos lol

  12. Ironmaiden Jr. says:

    The one moonknight I saw was clearly the awesomest kid there/

  13. Thelivingdictionary says:

    was that……KASSEM

  14. AndycappNorway says:

    0:59 AHHHAHA iv’e met this wolverine on a norwegian anime con. AWESOME 😀

  15. Thecommenter83 says:

    3:59 Deadpools….Deadpools everywhere…

  16. maxor669 says:

    ha that was the deadpool i hugged

  17. KittyCate105 says:

    love the sound of the music

  18. Wakback17 says:

    I’m a huge One Piece fan, so 1:41 is my favorite!

  19. giojara12spider says:

    Deadpool slenderman Stevie

  20. Gothic Deidara says:

    Pensa em um apelão Halo, Portal, Jedi e Assasin OMGOMGOMG kkkk

  21. Oliver Weidich Villemann says:

    If you are right, why the hell would he need proof? Surely he’s aware it’s not him if you’re telling the truth…

  22. stephano isstephano says:

    I want to pe deadpool

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