DealActivator Equity Mining Tool Offers Campaign Building via Visual Mapping

Norfolk, VA (PRWEB) January 22, 2014

Dominion Dealer Solutions, industry leader in equity data mining, automotive marketing, CRM, lead generation, reputation and inventory management, and a division of Dominion Enterprises, today released a new geo-location mapping tool for its equity mining solution, DealActivator.

Viewing the physical location of the dealerships existing sales and service customers, along with key customer information on a zoomable map, provides an easy-to-grasp, visual link between equity mining, current customers and targeted marketing opportunities, noted Alan Andreu, general product manager of equity solutions for Dominion Dealer Solutions.

This innovative blend of technologies lets automotive dealers and their sales team build campaigns using an interactive map canvas. This visual mapping enables dealerships to selectively target customers. Not only does the tool identify groups and individual customers, it succinctly displays high-level customer information. Original deal details, such as payments remaining, service and maintenance contract information, and current mileage, are now visible within DealActivators mapping tool.

Equity mining campaigns are created using graphical power. Dealers can focus on geographic concentrations of particular types of customer profiles within a local market. This, in turn, allows dealerships to create highly targeted marketing campaigns for that particular customer profile. Simply clicking on the map enables dealers to view existing customer distribution or pertinent information on a single customer, as well as set search parameters. Customer searches can be refined by drawing lines on the map.

Andreu added, In todays economy, dealers need every advantage they can get. By harnessing the power of visual mapping and combining it with the power of DealActivator, were able to take search results from the traditional list environment and fluidly present them in a dynamic manner. This identifies and deploys access to solid equity marketing opportunities more easily than ever.

DealActivator provides competitive advantages for dealerships by harvesting current customers from the DMS, creating new sales initiatives (including opportunities from the service drive), and then delivering the best possible prospects back to the dealership. The new mapping overlay feature provides a visually appealing way to view customer opportunities. DealActivator also utilizes automated multichannel messaging to connect with the dealerships best opportunities, sending pre-qualified buyers directly to the showroom.

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