Dear MiDNiTE – First Kiss, Grief & Confessing Love

Dear MiDNiTE - First Kiss, Grief & Confessing Love

Top 5 FFA Plays, Week 20 – Like + Favorite for Dear MiDNiTE!!! Thanks to ZoJo JoJo for the gameplay! Previous Episodes: Feel free to send me a message to my YouTube inbox about anything in life! Check out my t-shirts ~Song at the end~ So Much Closer by Hoodie Allen Half Assed Kitchen Show – Grilled Cheese ———————————- Sponsored by Schoolyy The Giveaway KING! ———————————- Subscribe for more videos: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Twitter: Get some #MiDNiTESwag: Get an Official OpTic Gaming Jersey: OpTic Nation OpTic Girls Visit our Website:

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15 Responses to Dear MiDNiTE – First Kiss, Grief & Confessing Love

  1. Shinsorataka says:

    She makes me wish I was female and lesbian. And living on her street. And her girlfriend.

  2. Shinsorataka says:

    Don’t do her.

  3. Ibukole5 says:

    I stumbled upon your channel by accident. This is really good :)

  4. Nikki Lewis says:

    Great video and good channel

  5. M.K Doreschild-Outland says:

    Swift like wizards. -M:K Outland, pioneer/establisher of Trance(genre fiction)

  6. lilclerk says:

    Seriously, this channel is genius.

  7. altairm1 says:

    rofl… seriously?!… some random question….. more so… why are there so many thumbs up for this?? Are the majority really that curious?…

  8. YutubeSEO says:

    Super stuff

  9. YutubeSEO says:

    Super stuff

  10. ThisIsAiruprise says:

    hey i have a girlfriend and i like this girl that i have know for about 5 years and dont get me wrong i love my girlfriend i just dont know what to do

  11. 宝くじ当選しました 当選金お譲り致します says:


  12. kjauiejemugugughusw says:


  13. SliceLobbiezHD says:

    300th Like :D

  14. GETpastTHEMhaters says:

    Ha thanks for everything midnight, ur the best. But i think its too late, we fucked and well lol idk everthing is going 2x better

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