Debate: Should the U.S. Legalize Drugs?

Intelligence Squared U.S. presents a debate on whether the United States should legalize drugs. President Richard Nixon declared a “war on drugs” in 1971. …
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19 thoughts on “Debate: Should the U.S. Legalize Drugs?

  1. Using a drug for any reason is illegal, but it is not wrong morally. Drug use that reaches the point beating or killing people, stealing or destroying property, then, and only then, measures must be taken. Criminalizing one action because they *might* lead to a second action has resulting in nothing more than worse abuses of the very behaviors these policies were hoping to dissuade. This has been going on for so long that the only criminal behavior I find is the failure of its abolition.

  2. When opium was legal in China, too many people were destroying their lives by smoking too much of it. However, the situation in USA today is not the same as it was in old China, and USA can not either be equaled with for instance Yemen where almost everyone is chewing cat half of the day. Perhaps USA could now legalize drugs to put its people to the test. After all, USA can always go back to prohibition if too many people would not be able to control their drug use themselves.

  3. I would have liked to know from the libertarian if there is any drug that should not be legalized? Nothing lethal or close to lethal ? How close to lethal?

  4. I feelt you were against good kinds of plants because you posted a statistic sheet like we need more proof or something thinking duh it is not a bad thing but lets take two steps back and study an obvious and silly chart again. I like to rant about things pardon.

  5. What do you mean I don’t know how to read statistics? I didn’t make any personal opinion. I copied and pasted everything from those posts from Gallup’s website. I didn’t give my own interpretation — that’s Gallup’s interpretation of their statistics from their poll. You’re problem isn’t with me — it’s with Gallup. If you don’t trust Gallup polls well then that’s between you and Gallup. You have somehow wrongly interpreted what I posted on here. Are you trolling or something?

  6. 19:40 – “Drug use has been cut in half in the last 30 years” That’s a bald-faced lie. the drug use statistics has actually increased by about 1-2% depending on the sources you’re citing. (and the one i looked to to verify this was the National Institute on Drug Abuse (aka, drugabuse dot gov.)) There will come a time when their lies will not be accepted by the general populace… and when that day comes, legalization will soon follow.

  7. The republican is totally wrong about the Netherlands at 23:00. A: It’s not legalized in the Netherlands, it’s ‘gedoogd’ (tolerated). In fact it’s still illegal, but deemed to soft of a ‘crime’ to even consider persecution. B: What a blatant lie to state that in the Netherlands it has caused a increase in overall drugconsumption! It’s incredibly low; Annual cannabis use > NL: 5,4% vs USA 13,7% Drugrelated deaths > NL: 0.1 per 100.000 vs USA 1.5 per 100.000

  8. If people go on the internet and go to Gallup’s website, they will see the exact same thing because I copied and pasted it. I didn’t make a personal statement or a personal opinion. You didn’t see the part were I put “- Gallup, 2011”. You’ve misunderstood my post somehow. Are you disagreeing with Gallup’s findings or predictions or something? I posted it to show that young people support legalization and that support for legalization has been growing — and it has.

  9. lol What are you even talking about? All I did was copy and paste Gallup poll info from their site onto here. Census…not censis. I already know people used to have less information available to them which is why public opinion is changing. How am I deceiving people? I didn’t even assert anything. All I did was copy and paste stuff from Gallup’s website. Why are you accusing me of being deceitful? My superlative words? I didn’t even say anything — that’s from their website.

  10. The larger a censis the lower the IQ gets, also.people use to have way less information available to them Your just pretending to be a fool that failed at reading statistics you are more senister though. now with the internet people can see just how cunning and decietful you are this is a superlative report and you with few words are trying to flip flop the hard work of the peoples voice. Bravo Bravo you have shown the world how manipulative and decietful you are and nothing more.

  11. Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal, or not? 2012: 48% Yes; 50% No 2011: 50% Yes; 46% No 2001: 34% Yes; 62% No 1980: 25% Yes; 70% No 1969: 12% Yes; 84% No Support for legalizing marijuana has been increasing over the past several years, rising to 50% today — the highest on record. If this current trend on legalizing marijuana continues, pressure may build to bring the nation’s laws into compliance with the people’s wishes. – Gallup, 2011

  12. Do you think the use of marijuana should be made legal, or not? 18-29 y/o: 60% Yes; 20% No 30-64 y/o: 48% Yes; 51% No 65+ y/o: 36% Yes; 61% No There is no clear-cut direction from the American public on the underlying issue of legalizing use of marijuana. Although support for legalization has risen substantially over the past 43 years, the public remains divided, with Democrats and young people most in favor, while Republicans and older Americans are most likely to be opposed. – Gallup

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  14. So, in the beginning it was good the woman took away our plant so we would do the bidding of all the girls even the ugly ones because the world seemed endless. now the world is over run and women sissy government is till going full steam and has now run its course we need to make better decisions now and make it harder for ugly dumb women and what they make to spread. It is time for man government and man things like beautiful smart hard to get women only and pot.

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