Decoding The Value Of Social Media In Marketing

Decoding The Value Of Social Media In Marketing
The key challenge that continues to impact the widespread adoption of social media in marketing is uncertainty. The industry — including social platforms, agencies and brands — is undergoing a rigorous search for an absolute ROI measurement tool …
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Niche Marketing Should Not Focus On Gender – FA Mag
Marketing financial planning services to women as though they are a niche market is a strategy that advisors should reconsider. The hype over this "niche" centers around statistics such as “females have over 50 percent of the market share” and “women …
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GE's Take on Real-Time Marketing
“Real-time marketing is the ability in near real time to produce a response through content, experiences or service to a live event or customer event that delights your audience or customer into engaging with your brand around a shared moment,” said …
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