Deep Listening Stations Open in Chicagoland

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) May 01, 2013

Everyone is talkingtexts, tweets and e-mails are flying, but is anyone really listening? Nationally recognized meditation teacher, Elesa Commerse, believes listening is becoming a lost art and shes doing something about it.

In celebration of National Meditation Month, Chicagoland residents are invited to experience the healing power of being heard deeply during the month of May. Commerse has established free listening stations throughout Chicagoland and trained 50 volunteers in the art of deep listening.

Deep listening is not a substitute for counseling and has its own benefits, according to Commerse. The deep listeners sole purpose is to listen with mindfulness and compassion. Listening mindfully means that your mind is full of the moment, as if your life depended on it. Thats a very active, engaged, sharp form of listening. The deep listener passes no judgment; offers no commentary, feedback, suggestions or answers. The listener doesnt interrupt, try to complete sentences or help the talker find words during pauses.

Throughout the month of May, from 5:30 6:30 PM, volunteers will be available for 5 -15 minute listening sessions at: Touching Earth Mindfulness Learning Center, 1932 Half Day Road, in Highland Park, Illinois; from May 1-7, from 12:30 -1:30 PM at Infuse Yoga Spa, 713 W. Wrightwood, in Chicagos Lincoln Park; and from 11 AM 4 PM, May 13-17 at Tejas Yoga, 1300 S. Wabash Avenue, in Chicagos south loop.

We need to reclaim our capacity to listen so we can realize the preciousness of our lives and the fleeting, fragile, unpredictable nature of life itself, said Commerse. Our undivided attention and presence are powerful gifts we can give each other in any moment, under any circumstance if we know how to do it. This concentrated presence helps us feel valued. It helps us feel whole. It helps us heal. People who experience deep listening report feeling renewed; like a weight has been lifted or their joy has been magnified, depending on what they share.

About Elesa Commerse, Founder of Touching Earth Mindfulness Learning Center and National Meditation Month

Elesa Commerse is a nationally recognized meditation teacher who established Touching Earth Mindfulness Learning Center, in Highland Park, Illinois. She co-directs the Center with Ceily Levy. She is also founder of National Meditation Month. For more information about Commerse, the Willing to Listen listening stations and the free training being offered to become a deep listener, please visit, call 773.777.7754 or e-mail: info(at)thedeepcalm(dot)com.

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