11 Replies to “Defiance contract : Always On & Artificial Intelligence Bulwarks”

  1. Yeah i put that in the description yesterday or so, but the thing is it will probably get fixed in an upcoming patch, i can’t imagine the devs being alright with people spamming rampages to get their reputation up. Maybe i am wrong tho.

  2. this is great, thank you very much 🙂 Another Way to get Bulwarks is to do the “Rampage: Dark Harvest”…around 170k Score the Bulwarks start spawning like crazy 😉

  3. dude……… game came out 4 days ago why are you already at 1,181 ego rating its almost like you hacked………. but not the game im talking abut how long you actually played

  4. Found it now… was totally not at the wrong completely different named minigun challenge…. Still a video of the other would be much appreciated :)

  5. The hellbugs are slightly south of the rampage sign, there is a little pack of them, killing those triggers the vendor to spawn next to the rampage sign. If they are not there and the vendor is not up either, it means someone recently spawned it and you must wait a little before the ”event” is available again. I’ll make a video about the ”hidden” vendors i know of later today just in case. 😉

  6. Oh my bad i should have precised you don’t have to do the minigun thing, it’s just the location, there should be some wandering hellbugs at that place and when you kill them all a vendor appears.

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