Delete all Yahoo Emails in one go (Latest)

Our previous tutorial… had become outdated and that’s why we are creating this new one on how to easily delete all Ya…

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14 Responses to Delete all Yahoo Emails in one go (Latest)

  1. gaudygoat says:

    Is there a way to delete all of the emails following the last Yahoo update?

  2. hong jab says:

    very sy just you clik right buttom on inbox and you can see yourself what to do

  3. milimbu says:

    It’s working…. please attach a screenshot so that i can see why it is not showing on your browser

  4. tedparadis1 says:

    site will not open

  5. Hamoud Algashmi says:


  6. Daryl Lucas says:

    i havent got an option choice help!!

  7. GoznerPeter says:

    wow this was really helpful . BIG THANKS MAN , HAVE A WONDERFUL LIFE.


    option not available for 2013 Version… Kindly help

  9. Damony James says:

    Thanks thumbs up 

  10. milimbu says:

    I’m still working on this issue and waiting for Yahoo to bring about this change again. Please keep visiting my blog for latest updates.

  11. check537 says:

    I would love to see this fix as well … any progress since a month ago? You cannot use the switch button anymore to delete all the emails. Most FAQ / help websites don’t answer the question of how to delete ALL emails. I have 10,000 emails to delete I can’t do it 200 at a time.

  12. murtaza hamidi says:

    hey there is not select view option

  13. Sutjipto Sudjono says:

    didn’t work any more, select all only select the emails in one batch eg. 25, 50, 100 or 200 

  14. Shevy Bach says:

    um, so, um… what about a 2013 version, lol it changed again :)

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