Delfigo Security Launches SoMoCloud Authentication for Mobile Apps

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 03, 2012

Delfigo Security, the pioneer in intelligent authentication solutions, today launched SoMoCloud, a mobile biometric application available to Android users on Google Play. SoMoCloud showcases Delfigos biometric based device technology designed for touch screen displays in an easy to use application. As consumers start using their smart phones for mobile payments they will need the security of knowing someone cannot simply steal their phone to make purchases without being the true owner, says Ralph Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of Delfigo Security.

SoMoCloud enables mobile application developers to enhance security of mobile applications by ensuring that their users Are Who They Say They Are when they launch a banking or mobile payment application. SoMoClouds biometric technology enables providers to enhance or replace the use of 4-digit PINs or simple passwords on mobile devices. SoMoCloud captures unique behavior of the user as they interact with a simple interface in place of a traditional password. By collecting, storing and scoring data resulting from their mobile behavior, SoMoCloud can positively identify a user accessing an application on their device and prevent a fraudulent user from accessing an application and its valuable data, in cases of a lost or stolen phone.

As consumers become increasingly attached to their mobile devices, mobile security solutions must accurately identify each user trying to access a device in real-time, states Hyoun Park, Principal Analyst, Nucleus Research. “These needs are especially true in the Android ecosystem, where device security defaults to features that can be easily hacked through social engineering, such as passwords, PINs, and pattern locks. By implementing a combination of biometric and device-based inputs in real-time without forcing the user to exert any additional effort to remember a complicated series of characters, mobile users can continue to add personal information on their smartphones and tablets without worrying about the security of their devices.

About Delfigo Security

Delfigo Corporation d/b/a Delfigo Security, with offices in Boston and at M.I.T. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is a venture-backed software company providing solutions for identity and access management. The Delfigo solution provides a multi-factor risk-based authentication platform using a patent-pending, artificial intelligence based architecture. The Delfigo software reduces risk of identity theft and fraud for enterprises and ensures regulatory compliances, at a reduced total cost of ownership. Delfigos platform is designed with cloud computing and SaaS needs in mind. To find out more on how you can leverage the Delfigo technology for your enterprise needs, please visit or call 617-946-0600 or email info(at)delfigosecurity(dot)com.

About Stage 1 Ventures

Delfigo is backed by Stage 1 Ventures, LLC, a venture capital firm specializing in investments in early stage companies. The firm seeks to invest in mobile industry, the executable Internet, or Software as a Service (SaaS), IPTV and Internet video, pay-for-performance marketing and advertising, and security sectors. In mobile industry, it focuses on search and advertising; consumer entertainment, including games, music, and video; content management and distribution, communication, including video sharing, SMS, MMS, and social networking; enterprise and consumer applications, productivity enhancement, and infrastructure supporting all of the above. The firm typically invests in companies that have first demonstrated market enabling IP. Stage 1 Ventures, LLC is based in Waltham, Massachusetts.

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