Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN Configuration

Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN Configuration

Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN Configuration. This video takes a look at configuring SSL VPN Remote Access in a Dell SonicWALL TZ 100. Links: http

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20 Responses to Dell SonicWALL SSL VPN Configuration

  1. Andrew Crouthamel says:

    No problem, I’m glad it was helpful!

  2. Vamsi Kotta says:

    Thanks Andrew. I spent quite some time on this before watching this. Thanks

  3. Andrew Crouthamel says:

    When you run the test authentication in the SonicWALL interface, does it time out or provide a reject/failure?

  4. mixonenterprises says:

    Great walkthrough, I’m trying to set it up, using the LDAP auth, and Failing! I have an SBS 2003 server. Do you have a video or can you point me in the right direction with that part of it? Thanks in advance!

  5. Andrew Crouthamel says:

    Thanks, that is always something that bothers me with vendor-specific training. They always say “click here to enable X”, but don’t tell you what that means! Not everyone knows every acronym and RFC. I’m glad I could help!

  6. Josh Stellick says:

    Nice video! Not only did you go through all the setup steps, but you actually took the time to explain what the settings do. Thanks!

  7. Andrew Crouthamel says:

    Haha, glad I could help. Down with the evil GVC client!

  8. thewizster says:

    Andrew, Thanks for the great walkthrough! Glad I don’t have to deal with that nasty Global VPN client anymore…

  9. Andrew Crouthamel says:

    Glad you found it helpful!

  10. gccc2000 says:

    Excellent video. Very thorough. Thanks for the help.

  11. mrdoug39 says:

    Andrew, thanks for following up. I’ll find a work-around… Have a great day!

  12. Andrew Crouthamel says:

    Thanks! The H T T P or H T T P S bookmark option is one of those things I REALLY wish they would include in the TZ or NSA series. Unfortunately though, you need an Secure Remote Access, aka SRA device from SonicWALL to support that.

  13. mrdoug39 says:

    First, let me say thank you for an excellent tutorial video, Andrew. You have a great knowledge of the product and topic and a nice, simple way of presenting. I followed the video step by step in setting up my TZ 200 with success! My only question is why don’t I see H T T P – HT T P S listed as one of the Services when configuring the Virtual Office bookmarks? I have an intra-net website I’d like to bookmark but can’t? And thanks again!

  14. Amar pal singh says:

    hi Andrew i am using sonic wall NSA 3500. The problem is that when i am connecting SSL VPN in remote site VPN is connecting and i can access my data but remote site internet and email access not working with SSL VPN as SSL VPN disconnected every thing work fine kindly help me in that …my email id is

  15. Andrew Crouthamel says:

    Correct. PPPoE adds information to your packet headers so what was originally a 1500 byte MTU now has to be 1492 to accommodate those extra 8 bytes. Similarly, IPsec for VPN usually does this as well, requiring another 4 bytes, so your MTU would need to be 1488. SSL works at layer 4, so there is no modification needed for our MTU. So running just SSL-VPN, an MTU of 1492 is fine, and the error can be ignored. If you intend on using and IPsec VPN tunnels, you will want to lower your MTU further.

  16. dontbeinsane1 says:

    I am getting this error. Interface MTU>1492 for PPPoE may result in connectivity problems.???

  17. Khaoula Bouhaddou says:

    I actually just checked I used port 4433 and I have NAT always the same problem

  18. Khaoula Bouhaddou says:

    yes I’ve already placed the order for NAT but it seems to me that I do not use port 4433, I think the problem may come from ca thank you so much in fact you have no other video on authentication local users which uses the rules for their visitors and users with these rules and determine a period for CONNECTED

  19. Andrew Crouthamel says:

    Is the Cisco 857 router running NAT? It sounds like the Cisco router needs to forward port 4433 to the SonicWALL behind it.

  20. Khaoula Bouhaddou says:

    I actually line from the operator connected to the cisco router R857, from the LAN ports of the router connected to the WAN port of the firewall, and the firewall from the LAN port of the Switch the problem is that when I am in LAN networks can I use the NetExtended, but when I’m home and I want to access the networks it does not work! thank you for your help

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