Dell’s XPS 12 Windows 8 flagship reviewed The XPS 12 shows a different take on the rotating-screen convertible laptop/tablet.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses to Dell’s XPS 12 Windows 8 flagship reviewed

  1. Nafish Alam says:

    much heavir then any other window 8 ultrabook like acer s7

  2. Faust Lim says:

    this is a bad review…so many mistakes

  3. pallew says:

    Oh god, what a retarded reviewer

  4. overlordnicksclips says:

    i really like this style of convertible, i just hate that it’s so much more expensive i just dont like the twisting peg style or having the keys exposed like on a yoga

  5. IcanCwhatUsay says:

    2:05 $1199 seems reasonable? WTF?

  6. IcanCwhatUsay says:

    Yeah, it definitely is the “autorotate off” notification. What bullshit

  7. dragonred4000 says:

    pay a ridiculous price for a laptop for portability, or buy a super powerful desktop for less…i’ll go with the desktop.

  8. ItzGummy says:

    This is overpriced for the specs it has… calm down its just money… people have a right to spend there money however the bloody fuck they want.

  9. mercanaries3 says:

    Windows 8 is new….and Apple laptops look like shit and are way overpriced. SORRY.

  10. ItzGummy says:

    The entire idea of windows 8 is shit man, windows 7 is FAR better, the entire metro OS idea is terrible. Apple has a far better design, the iPad is the best tablet for most people (That is why it sells the most) and apple did not copy microsoft, the fuck are you talking about?

  11. ItzGummy says:

    Why in the world would you want an ugly piece of shit like this? It looks like shit… truth is a normal PC laptop is the best way to go, that is why I have one. This product is a rip off… the specs it gives for 1.2K USD is shit.

  12. mercanaries3 says:

    Mac looks like a piece of shit that was put together and set at a really high price. Everyone else is superior….FYI Apple copied Microsoft and created the Ipad.

  13. Elmo Nchi says:

    Does it come with Pen input as well? I really like this about the Surface Pro. It is kind of pricey also and Yes, I fear the hinges or that frame are too fragile.. Surface is all vapor mag.. plus those magnets seam rock solid.. and I believe it shall be less expensive also.. I am waiting.

  14. AlexLwowski says:

    what a failor he is^^

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