NeverWet superhydrophobic, Eco-friendly-Nanotechnology- New-look clothing for the next generation – The latest trends All we have seen the morning at the leaves of trees and flowers the dew drops. Nobody was interested to know why it happens. A few years ago scientists decided to investigate why this is happening. Using a special electron microscopes ESEM they saw that nature has found nanotechnology millions of years ago, and that the trees and the flowers protect their leaves by environmental contaminations with nanoparticles that do not allow foreign objects to enter inside. This phenomenon is called Lotus Effect. After that was expected to create products based on technology Lotus Effect, which will analyze below. Intelligent water resistant, thick coating on fabrics, easy invisible protection. Thanks to the properties of SiO2 covered with a thin, invisible layer coating ONLY fiber fabric leaving any free resources to breathe, thus ensuring that no dirt can no longer be left in the fabric. Humidity, water, coffee, ketchup, red wine, oil, syrup, stains from fruit, sauces, drinks etc. are removed from the fabric through the Nano4-premiumtextile. Excellent protection against stain, Protects against bacterias etc. Increase the life of the fabric, due to the huge reduction of chemical cleaners. Saving money by reducing the use of chemical detergents to 90%. Helps protect the aquifer because of the large reduction of chemical cleaning products.
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