Detailing The Evolution Of Echolocation In River Dolphins

Detailing The Evolution Of Echolocation In River Dolphins
“Ganges River dolphins are one of the most ancient evolutionary branches of toothed whales,” says Jensen. “We believe our findings help explain the differences in echolocation between freshwater and marine dolphins. Our findings imply that the sound …
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An ancient biosonar sheds new light on the evolution of echolocation in
Some 30 million years ago, Ganges river dolphins diverged from other toothed whales, making them one of the oldest species of aquatic mammals that use echolocation, or biosonar, to navigate and find food. This also makes them ideal subjects for …
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Apple analysis: China prompts evolution
Faced with the twin challenges of cracking China and increased competition, Apple has taken a conscious decision to evolve. Neither of those were unexpected problems, and shareholders would probably complain if a company didn't adjust its strategy over …

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