Developing your Digital Strategy for Recruitment – Leeds

Developing your Digital Strategy for Recruitment – Leeds
Event on 2013-05-02 08:00:00

This event if for Managers and Directors of Recruitment firms who want to know more about web and social media and about how recruiters can use the digital world to source candidates, generate leads, attract talent and clients and ultimately protect their business.

Dave Hazlehurst: Developing your Digital Strategy for Recruitment

Developing a successful digital strategy for recruitment is an integral part of sourcing and engaging new talent. In this workshop ‘Google’ Dave will share strategies and tactics to help you reduce cost per hire, build engaged talent pools and attract passive and active candidates. The session will look at building your recruitment website and using proven internet marketing tactics to significantly improve your ROI.

In this interactive session you’ll learn:

  • The benefits of building a recruitment website to directly attract candidates to your brand
  • Everything you need to know about building an engaging mobile responsive
  • How candidates search for jobs online
  • Keywords candidates use, how often they use them and how competitive they are
  • How to maximise your ROI using Google Adwords and Pay Per Click Advertising
  • How optimising for search engines through SEO will improve your bottom line
  • How the online landscape is changing and what recruiters need to be aware of

Lisa Jones: Recruiters! Generate Leads Using Social Media

Do you want more business? Are you confident that your consultants are using social media in a smart way? How are your staff generating leads using social media?

Lisa will go through a little theory (we all want more leads) and a lot of practice (we all want to know how to generate them online).

You’ll get the chance to see how Lisa shows her clients how to use Twitter and LinkedIn to source opportunities, contacts and vacancies – and ultimately how to do this without spending all day on line.

Lisa will show you some great tips on how to generate more business and maximise your client and candidate facing time.

Katharine Robinson: 5 Sourcing Search Tricks

Katharine will take a look at five free and simple techniques that will help you identify and contact talent online. Katharine uses the internet to hunt down hard-to-find talent – you’ll be amazed at what you can find by just using Google.

Padma Tadi: Social Media Policy

As the use of social media continues to evolve and is increasingly prevalent in both personal and working lives, Padma is regularly asked to provide advice on the legal issues which arise as a result:

“What action can an employer take if an employee posts confidential information or detrimental comments on a social media site?”

“On the termination of their employment, can an employee leave with confidential client/ supplier details gathered on sites such as LinkedIn and what can/should an employer do to protect itself?”

At this event Padma will consider these questions along with other frequently asked questions by recruiters relating to social media.


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Leeds, United Kingdom

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