Diagnosing Yahoo's Ills: Ugly Math in Marissa Mayer's Reign

Diagnosing Yahoo's Ills: Ugly Math in Marissa Mayer's Reign
But whatever the size of his stock position in Yahoo or even if his numbers are slightly off, there is an underlying truth to Mr. Jackson's critique: Despite Ms. Mayer's insistence that Yahoo is a very different and better company than the one she took …
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Shareholder names former Yahoo executives among potential Mayer replacements
An outspoken Yahoo shareholder said on Monday he considers former Yahoo executives Ross Levinsohn and Jacqueline Reses as potential replacements for Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer as the internet company comes under pressure to change …
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A peek inside Yahoo's multimillion-dollar Great Gatsby-themed holiday party
From the looks of it, Yahoo sure knows how to throw a party. But the beleaguered search company is facing criticism for a lavish holiday celebration in San Francisco this month. Activist investor Eric Jackson, managing director of SpringOwl Asset …
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