Dial up, tune in: A nostalgic look at the web

Dial up, tune in: A nostalgic look at the web
… time and huge bills were just some of the problems that came from many people's early experiences of using the web. So here are some of the most popular pages of today, and some not so popular, that are instantly recognisable to those early pioneers.
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25 Years Later: How a 'Mesh' Turned Into the World Wide Web
However, the NeXT programming environment made much of the work easier; and by this time, networks connecting systems across the globe were becoming much more popular, due to better hardware and interconnection software; i.e., the Internet itself was …
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Intel's Plan to Move Your Data at the Speed of Light
Inside the massive data centers that run the most popular web services — from Google to Facebook to Amazon — beams of light may soon move data from machine to machine. This week, Intel and its partners announced that they will begin commercial …
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