Did I Lose My Lawn Care Website Ranking Because of the Panda or Penguin Update?

www.lawncaremarketingexpert.com – Lawn Care Business Website Lost Ranking Due to Panda or Penguin Update? Peter I keep hearing a lot about penguin and panda updates and recently my lawn care website disappeared from the google. How do I know whether my site has been penalized in Google or not? 1. Changing rankings are normal. Competitors, ranking factors have changed 2. Rankings shuffles occur everytime google updates, based on your content, your competitors and links to your site as well as many other factors 3. Did you hire a suspicious seo company in the past? Have you been doing any shady seo practices? Spammy backlinks? Duplicate content? If you did you may have to clean up their mess or create a new site at a different domain. 4. Webmaster tools is a good place to start? It will tell you some of the possible problems your site could have. Not all. Once you fix your site you can submit your site for reconsideration. P

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  1. Hey, we all built “questionable” links pre 4/24/12 (penguin). That was how we ranked. No offense, but I dropped your LawnCareMarketingExpert com url into OpenSiteExplorer com and you have some Chinese + Spanish anchor text comments in your link profile. We ALL did it cuz it worked. In 2013 social recognition are the new backlinks.

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