Diddly on the Sproose | Episode 1

Can i get a comment from every1 with there oppinion on this series. I read every1 :) This channel is very un-active with only 1 episode each month really so …

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7 Responses to Diddly on the Sproose | Episode 1

  1. sproosediddly says:

    Best subscriber

  2. MegaBosmac says:

    nice one , again

  3. sproosediddly says:

    glad you enjoyed bud come on 2mro nd we make episode 2 😀

  4. WizzKid777 says:

    I taut it was actually funny..Well Done my man! :D

  5. sproosediddly says:

    he’s gonna be in the new friday too 😀

  6. AaaaaCeeeeE says:

    Smokey haha watta Hero

  7. sproosediddly says:

    Thanks bud

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