Diddly on the Sproose | Episode 4

Can i get a comment from every1 with there Favorite clip on this episode. I read every1 :) This channel is very un-active with only 1 episode each month really so i decided to keep all the funny things/fails that happen to me and my friends while on the xbox. This can also be a community based series if any subs of mine have a clip you want to send me just PM me. Need a permanent intro for this series too so any1 who wants to make 1 will be compensated by an upload and subbox

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6 Responses to Diddly on the Sproose | Episode 4

  1. sp4rt1s says:

    this should be called dixon fails ep 2

  2. Tropheyy says:

    Dixon is the best!

  3. sproosediddly says:

    i know haha, wierd glitch

  4. sproosediddly says:

    haha i know :( two of them were in the same game

  5. ErrorNetworking says:

    i dont think that ladder on highrise likes you hahaha

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