Difference Between Advertising and Public Relations

http://www.thinkbelle.com/ What is the difference between advertising and public relations? In this video, Kate Finley explains the benefits and difference b…
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  1. you could just pay, contribute, help or support the reporter in a myriad of ways, say by even granting them the interview or helping them realize how interviewing you is in their best interest’s giving xyz situations in the world you bring to their attention in the first place. but ill except the “earned” idea as a possible thread as well if were playing passive and waiting for them to be sufficiently interested. A guru in Russia asked to be interviewed after 3 years of rejecting everyone… it was such a smart move. he picked his reporter and sculpted him the message intended to be delivered. the reporter got influenced by his design there by helping the guru’s movement continue to thrive. Clean PR to me which was his seamless advertising as well. 

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