Difference Between Good and Great SEO Outlined in New Article from Fannit

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 23, 2015

Without knowing it, businesses that ignore their online marketing and SEO are overlooking an incredible opportunity to increase their internet marketing results. In their latest article, Fannit describes some of the necessary steps required by SEOs to achieve the most results from their work.

One of the differences between good and great SEO described in the article is how marketers set up their marketing strategy. The article lists several questions SEOs need to consider in order for their marketing strategy to be successful.

In addition to a well planned marketing strategy, there needs to be a powerful presentation. To accomplish this, SEOs need to consider the search engines, keywords, they choose, and how their sales are doing. Fannit goes further into depth on this topic in the article.

One of the most uncommon traits of SEOs, and the one trait that helps to make them the most successful, is their ability to close the sales and marketing loop. The article states that, If your SEO does not currently closing the loop with you, they are not focusing on the right results.

To help SEOs know how to close the loop and be more successful, the article goes on to list 5 pieces of data that are needed in the closing process. The article describes the essence of each of these.

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