Digital Creativity Workshop

Digital Creativity Workshop
Event on 2014-06-03 09:00:00

This is a comprehensive workshop, which will provide a clear understanding of how to create creative content in the digital space but also give the attendee a practical guide to making it work for your business or developing your digital footprint. The next generation of digital practitioners of digital will be provided with understanding and techniques of the tools within filming, animation and interactive products for online and offline media platforms to be able to manage ideas and projects with innovation and creativity. In the process we will help you comprehend the online user’s expectations, as far as, direction and call to actions in a message is concerned, and create a strong viewer experience.

Other key benefits and experiences that will be delivered in the course are:

  • Working on real case environment

  • Soft copies of course material

  • Certification endorsed by Strategic Media Company

  • Exclusive Career Networking opportunities for Alumnis 

Learning objectives of the course

At the end of the course you will be expected to be able to:

  • Integrate creative media into your marketing mix and produce engaging content online

  • Examples of great content

  • Cases and ideas for inspiration

  • Find creative, intelligent solutions to manage, as well as, promote and optimize

  • Learn the essentials of video production and distribution and discover effective ways to realize ideas

  • Researching and understanding your audience to create compelling stories

  • Interviewing techniques

  • Interpret ROI and data to make viable business decisions

  • Socialize your content. Involving and engaging customers on digital media

Workshop ‘Hands on’ Projects Overview

In our hands-on “The Digital Creativity” workshop, delegates will produce their very own digital media production projects, such as the production of a short film, a documentary for television, brand material or marketing collateral for a campaign. Homework or private study is required and we will work together on developing an idea take the series of steps to achieve the results of your work.

Teaching methods

The course is given in 3-hour lecture form, consisting of online videos from the trainers,, realtime case studies, articles, and classwork in project development by the trainers and selected guest lecturers. The class will use the web analytics from the website, and learn how to evaluate the site’s performance by analyzing specific data sets and discussing the pros and cons of the strategy applied to SMC. In addition, as Strategic Media Company, works on commercial projects, they will invite the class to get involved with the ‘back end’ of the client project work. This includes solution development, creative brainstorming, production and strategy development. Most of the skills and experience acquired through this project are transferrable to all forms of business processes.

Course Trainers

Jomar Reyes is the founder of the consultancy firm, Strategic Media Company. Jomar has over 20 years of experience in operations, business development and marketing with global brands, Jomar has worked in the fore front of developing marketing strategies in the areas of digital media, content, media production and distribution. His practical and real-world approach has enabled him to work for both IBM and ACNielsen and consult leading global brands such as Apple, Sony and Canon with integrated marketing campaigns. Jomar is also an experienced producer of events, TV and music. He is an advocate of the using new technologies with film and television, pioneering the way with how corporates adopt this medium online.

Faizan M. Syed is the Business Development and Marketing Manager, as well as, Trainer at Strategic Media Company. He is has a Cand.ling.merc. (International Marketing & Communication, Copenhagen Business School, 2012). He specialises in providing insight extensive knowledge and experience in online marketing and communications at both the strategic and practical level. Has experience working with B2B and B2C companies in a wide variety of fields on Digital Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Lead generation, Research and Analysis and Consumer Buying Behaviour.

Course Outline

Prework will be required such as reading articles, slides and videos on topics such as Online Marketing, LinkedIn for Career and personal brand development etc. provided by us. The following areas will be covered:

  • Introduction to the course and Creative Content Production
    • Understanding the principles of filmmaking, animation and other visual arts
    • The current trends in online
    • Understanding internet user behaviour and experience
    • Planning and implementing your production
    • Choosing and Reaching your audience
      • Understanding how to identify audience, segments and appropriate message-types (inc. analytics)
    • Exercise: Planning clear objectives for your production
    • Assignment of students
  • The principles behind Creative Media Production
    • Planning and executing a strategy across different channels
    • Types Of Media Production
      • Techniques
    • Guidelines for best practice
    • Creative Production Delivery
    • Hands on work
  • Preproduction
    • Establish subject matter
    • Interviews –setting the brief
    • Research
    • Hands-on work
  • Post-Production
    • After content is produced
      • Promotion
      • Optimization
      • IPR
    • Hands-on work 
  • Presentation and Networking

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