Digital Diva 2.0 Summer Tech Series ( Learn & Master WordPress

Digital Diva 2.0 Summer Tech Series ( Learn & Master WordPress
Event on 2013-06-13 17:30:00
Digital Diva 2.0 Summer Tech Series / Learn and Master WordPress

This series includes 4 classes that will teach you everything you need to know about WordPress. Depending on the topic, more time may be needed in order to cover the essentials.
In addition, time will be available to answer all your questions that you may have.

We Will Cover All The Steps Necessary To Go From Newbie To WordPress Master

Class 1
Module 1: Domain Names, Registrars, and Hosting

These may be foreign words for you – you may not even know what they mean. That is not a problem! You will master these concepts and be able to talk to the necessary technical people to get your site up and running. You will know exactly what to say and to whom to say it! Here is what happens in this module – you will learn:

About good names vs. not so good names
How to register the name and where
Which hosting plan is best for you and why
How to access your site once you have these things

Module 2: Welcome WordPress

This is what everyone wants to know! In this module, you will install WordPress on your website and start to mold it into the site you always wanted. By the end of this module you may not have it exactly the way you want, but we have to start somewhere! Here is what happens in this module – you will learn:

How to install WordPress on your site
The difference between a Page and a Post
How to create new pages
Publish a blog post
How to instantly let your customers know when you make changes to your site such as offer a new product promotion, have a sale, or even just providing an update on what is new!

Class 2
Module 3: Have Your Website Do What You Want With Plugins

Now that you have your site created and it is already showing content to your visitors, it is time to really spruce things up by customizing it. This will be necessary to help keep your visitors coming back as well as letting them find you! Here is what happens in this module – you will learn:

What are Plugins and why you want them
Which plugins you should install and why
How to install plugins, activate them, customize them
Where to get plugins, both free and premium plugins

Class 3
Module 4: Changing the Look of the site

There are times when you will want to change the way the site looks. This may be because your focus changes or you want to update. Here is what happens in this module – you will learn:

Why you would want to change the theme
How to change the theme of the website
The difference between free and premium themes
Where you can find various themes

Module 5: Building a List

It is time to get serious and start involving outside people. You will learn the importance of building your list and how to do it. In addition, you will work with the tools to leverage the power of automation. Here is what happens in this module – you will learn:

Why it is important to have a list of potential customers
Various List Building tools and how you should evaluate them
The most important feature to investigate when selecting your list building tool

Class 4:
Module 6: Social Media and Web 2.0

You may have been hearing about these and not know what they are – no worries! You will learn all about integrating Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites that you can leverage to increase your visibility. Here is what happens in this module – you will learn:

How to effectively use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites to help promote your website – if you want to.
Tools to help manage your time so you do not have to be online all the time

Module 7: Since You Build It, You Will Get Them There

In this final session, we will be talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) some more, and having people visit your site. This last session is all about bringing everything all together. Was anything missed? Did anything come up that we did not discuss? Now is the time to get it covered!

About The Series:
This series includes 4 classes taking place each Thursday evening at Cibola in Pilsen.

What You Will Need:
While not required we highly suggest bringing your laptop.

About Digital Diva 2.0
Digital Diva 2.0, a startup community for women entrepreneurs, experts and future founders of female online and technology companies. Our company produces monthly networking events to showcase female startups through panels, and we offer insight to the technology scene through expert guest.

About the Class Instructor:

Asha Frazier:
Always an entrepreneur & strategist with a focus on the digital landscape, sometimes an advisor, a CTO, & all around Ninja. Asha is the founder of Code1 & Co., along with several other other "tech" companies. He's designed WordPress sites for,,,, & many many more.

at Cíbola
1647 S Blue Island Ave
Chicago, United States

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