Digital Marketing Agency, fishbat, Inc. Releases Statement Following the Release of a Samsung Ad Which Takes Jab at iPhone 5

Bohemia, NY (PRWEB) September 18, 2012

On September 18, 2012, technology giant, Samsung, leaked an ad to Mashable that takes an obvious jab at Apple and their newly announced iPhone 5.

According to Fox News, Samsung was ordered to pay Apple $ 1.05 billion after a lawsuit which alleged Samsung was ripping off Apples innovative technology used on the iPhone and iPad. According to the article on Mashable, Samsungs ad features the tagline: It doesnt take a genius, a clear jab at Apple and their genius retail employees.

Samsungs Ad shows the Galaxy S III alongside the iPhone 5. Below each image is their respected list of features, Samsungs being much longer than the iPhones. An advertisement is supposed to show a specific product as the better choice, but why is Samsung taking such a deliberate swing at Apple?

Sida Li, Social Media Director at fishbat, Inc. said, The battle between Samsung and Apple has been especially bitter, culminating in the recent lawsuit. Clearly, Samsung feels that they should not have had to pay the money and theyre not letting this one go. It certainly is an interesting marketing direction. Some companies might choose to minimize the lawsuit, but Samsung has chosen to fight it openly. Well just have to sit back and see whether their tactic is successful.

Samsung will start running the ad in regional papers on Sunday.

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