Digital Marketing Bootcamp (Online)

Digital Marketing Bootcamp (Online)
Event on 2015-06-24 09:00:00
Get ready for the Digital Marketing Bootcamp Early Bird Offer! On June 17th this year we are launching the first NATTA Digital Marketing Bootcamp for Small Businesses.   From now until May 29, we're offering Early Bird special rates – see price info for details. This is an ONLINE 6-8 week intensive program consisting of webinars, video training, worksheets, live sessions and a forum.  Each week will build on the following week and add more value, action steps and results.  You can work at your own pace, get one-on-one help along the way, and go back and review whenever you like.  ALL COURSE CONTENT AND WEBINARS WILL BE AVAILABLE AFTER EACH SESSION IN A PRIVATE MEMBERS AREA FOR LIFETIME ACCESS! This is different than other courses and programs by the so-called experts in that we don't spout a bunch of theory and vague concepts and send you off by yourself to try and implement it!  We're with you every step of the way, answering your specific questions, showing you how various marketing tools and platforms should be used with your specific business to generate the results you're looking for.  What's the Goal of this Bootcamp? 1) To get you to functional understanding of how the digital tools available can help you get more presence, leads, conversions and sales. (Without going nuts!) 2) To know how to continue implementing and improving your digital campaigns with structure, consistency and awareness. Whether you are doing this yourself or are part of a marketing team and want to know how it all fits together, works together and whether you’re using the tools and services that will help YOU the most, this course will help. Course Outline Week One – Customers and SEO Week Two – Content and Stories Week Three –  "Local" Tools and Email Week Four –  Websites and Landing Pages Week Five –  Social Media Week Six –   Video and Podcasting Week Six & a Half –  Strategy and Automation Week Seven (Bonus)  Video – Advanced Week Eight (Bonus)  Podcast – Advanced   Please visit the NATTA Marketing website for even more details about the Bootcamp  Reminder – From now until May 29 ONLY, we're offering Early Bird special rates – Act Now for up to 75% savings! NOTE… VAT is included in the price and we are also absorbing the eventbrite fees.

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