Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Digital Marketing Bootcamp
Event on 2013-07-17 08:30:00

Relying on one marketing approach to promote your business means you’re missing opportunities. With more and more people researching and seeking out businesses online, you’d be crazy not to have a solid presence there. Understanding the fundamentals of digital marketing goes a long way in developing a strategic digital marketing plan for your business.


The team at 435 Digital invites your business to attend our full-day Digital Marketing Bootcamp.  With extensive experience in PPC, SEO, Social Media, and Website Development, our team of experts has assembled a crash course that covers each category so that you can make immediate changes in your marketing plan to benefit not only your presence online, but also your business as a whole. 

Social Media Marketing                     Search Engine Optimization

– Optimizing your Social Media Profiles                              – Defining Goals of SEO

– Creating Engaging Content                                            – Core On-Page SEO Concepts

– Find & monitor conversation about your business             – SEO best practices

– Building an audience that generates business                  – Multichannel optimization


Search Engine Marketing (PPC)         Website Development

– Understanding & using 'Enhanced Campaigns'                 – Elements of a modern website

– Facebook Advertising                                                    – Website content strategy

– Mobile Advertising                                                        – SEO best practices

– Successful keyword reasearch & reporting                      – Multichannel optimization

  • Business Owners
  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Administrators


Austin Brown- New Business Account Manager

Joan Daluga- Social Media Specialist

Rich Funk- Paid Search Specialist

Alex Bruner- SEO Specialist

Lauren Hartman- SEO Specialist

Rob Huisingh- Project Manager

Nik Wenzel- Web Dev/IT Specialist

If you have any questions, please email them to


at Murphy Auditorium
50 East Erie Street
Chicago, United States

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