Digital Marketing Companies Need Digital Marketers Too

Sterling, VA (PRWEB) April 30, 2015

Social Media Maxima, Inc. is proud to welcome Lacie Wright, as Director of Marketing. Lacie joins their dynamic team of digital marketing specialists at an exciting time. Digital marketing companies manage online marketing campaigns for other businesses, but they also need designated experts to manage their own digital marketing. Just like the barber with wild-haired children, and the shoe maker with barefoot offspring, digital marketing firms often do not pay adequate attention to marketing themselves. With this need front and center, one of the Washington DC areas top social media/website companies has decided to expand their executive base to include a dedicated Marketing Director.

Lacie Wright has been working for Social Media Maxima, Inc. for four years, as a Social Media Manager and Account Specialist. She has a strong background in marketing and leveraging digital channels, through her previous work in the automotive industry. Combining her background in marketing with in-depth knowledge of emerging trends in social media, makes her the perfect choice to head up the Marketing Department for Social Media Maxima, Inc.

Digital marketing, also referred to as inbound or online marketing, is a rapidly growing and evolving industry. Now more than ever, companies are shifting resources away from traditional forms of marketing, such as print advertising, and directing them toward avenues such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email campaigns, pay per click, review sites, reputation management, SEO, and website design/development. Because the digital landscape is developing so quickly, with new demands and opportunities presented almost daily, many small businesses do not have the time and talent in-house to benefit from any of it. Small business owners are faced with the decision to either ignore digital marketing and the potential benefits, or divert scarce resources away from critical functions to take on the overwhelming task of digital marketing. That is why firms like Social Media Maxima have been so successful.

Having a dedicated Online Marketing Director is a significant boost to any small business. Social Media Maximas President, Andrea Howard, says, We have seen the growth in our clients’ businesses as a result of our work. Now is the time to dedicate greater resources and invest in our own company through the same media we use to help others. The company is expecting a 75% increase in revenue as a result of this new direction.

Social Media Maxima, Inc. is a digital marketing firm serving small business through the set-up and ongoing management of social media platforms, social media advertising, website design/development, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and review site management. Since its inception in 2010, this company has served hundreds of small business owners in Northern Virginia, California, Texas, West Virginia, and North Carolina.

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