Digital Marketing: Getting MORE Business Online Webinar (B2B/B2C Audiences)

Digital Marketing: Getting MORE Business Online Webinar (B2B/B2C Audiences)
Event on 2013-09-20 09:30:00



(If the text in the flyer is difficult to read, please read the text below):

If you are a sales professional, own a business, or aspire to start a business
this webinar is designed just for you.

So you have a website, or you need to build one. You’re a pro at social networking platforms—Facebook, LinkedIn, plus 10 others—but managing all of them is socially stressful—you just can’t keep up with it all. You search for your products and services on major search engines but alarmingly, you discover that you are not at the top of Google, or any major search engine. Whether your business is socially connected or not, you’ll learn the basics of Digital Marketing terms like SEO, SEM, keywords, organic ads, pay-per-click—what they mean, how they work; and most importantly, how to make them work so you can generate more online business. Digital Marketing: Getting More Business Online is the gateway to learning how to market your business online, manage platforms easily, and digitally positioning your business to get the sales you deserve. Stop letting your competitors take your online business. Register today!

at Princeton Junction, New Jersey, United States

Princeton, United States

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